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About the Summit

Welcome to the Iowa Somatic Psychology and Movement Therapies Summit, created for psychotherapists, counselors, psychiatrists, clergy, and movement practitioners to learn about and together experience evidence driven movement therapies and practices.  

In the past decade, much research has supported the importance of bridging talk therapy and somatic movement therapies. Studies have demonstrated that movement is efficacious in helping people quickly develop more resilience as they recover from trauma, PTSD, attachment disorders, abuse, relationship difficulties, and chronic pain. Several good national conferences with lots of speakers and video reportage have taken place, but none have had the breadth of participatory learning that the Iowa Summit offers you.

The Summit will take place October 22-24.  Both in-person and Zoom format sessions will be CEU compliant.

Bringing together 13 somatic movement specialists and 30 participants, the Iowa Summit will be a richly immersive experience, filled with opportunities for creating meaningful connections across disciplines. Each session leader will share enjoyable introductory materials in the preceding week ensuring that you feel prepared to explore. All 12 sessions are 100% hands-on and teach body-based tools that we can confidently and immediately use to help ourselves and our clients. By connecting moving and talking to contemporary neuroscience, spirituality, and creative living, we expand our toolboxes. 

The Summit is produced and sponsored by Movement for All, LLC and takes place in their movement studio and a nearby satellite space. 

Movement for All

1161 Foster Road

Iowa City, IA 52245

Please browse our site to learn about presenters, content, and schedule. For more information call producer Meg Eginton at

319-519-3848 or email

When talk and movement meet, people transform.

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